P!NCH Collagen Gloves Whitening (Short Gloves)
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PINCH NATURE’s Swiss-formulated Collagen Infused Dry Manicure Gloves are waterless & hygienic, & are dermatologically tested to restore hydration to hands and return their firm, radiant glow.


P!NCH NATURE Collagen Infused Gloves’ removable tips allow you to enjoy a relaxing hand spa treatment practically anywhere while seamlessly performing your favourite hobbies & tasks.


Brightening for Dull Skin & Dark Spots


With a synergistic combination of Vitamin C & Vitamin E, PINCH Collagen Infused Gloves with Whitening Serum is a collagen treatment that reduces melanin production to promote brighter complexion, improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, brighten a dull complexion, and fortifies the skin’s defenses against the impact of environmental assault.


Imbued with a concentrated dose of rose oil, PINCH Collagen Infused Gloves helps reverse signs of aging & diminish dark spots, giving clear and even-toned skin and preserving your skin’s beauty & youthfulness.


PINCH Collagen Infused Gloves with Whitening Serum is available as Short and Long Gloves.





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